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NH-Based Singer & Songwriter

Playing a mix of popular sing-along tunes from the 70s to today, Henry's music is entertaining for audiences of all ages.



Based in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, Henry LaLiberte grew up in a small town in central Massachusetts. He began playing trumpet in elementary school and that would be his jump start to getting hooked on music. He played in concert bands, jazz bands and marching bands and made Central Districts, and Regionals. Due to his accomplishments, he had an opportunity to travel Europe in high school with the youth group of America. 

At 10 he started playing guitar, and found that he enjoyed being able to sing along with an instrument. He played in bands throughout high school, and incorporated a lot of what he learned playing trumpet over to guitar. After high school, he joined the Marines, and played in a few bands while in the corp. After the Marine Corp, he went to college and got his bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and then his Masters degree in Business.. His passion however has always been music, and had always kept that as a hobby. 

He now has turned that hobby into a full time gig and plays in multiple bands.

He currently plays trumpet with the Windham NH swing band, plays lead guitar and sings lead with a 4 piece band call "Bend the Ride", plays acoustic guitar and sings in a duo called "Acoustic Detour", and does solo gigs under Henry LaLiberte Live.

Henry brings an eclectic amount of music to every show, playing rock, country, pop, and alternative from the 70's to the latest songs of today. There always seems to be something there to please the most divers crowd. He now plays all over NH, and with his diverse music and passionate singing, he is quickly becoming a favorite among local establishment. 

If you get to hear him live, you will here that passion for music come through in every song he sings.   Henry LaLiberte Live is a professional musician that has mastered live shows, while captivating the hearts of fans and audience members. Get in touch to learn more about his musical expertise, repertoire, upcoming shows, and performance rates.

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